Ryan Laurencio - Founded TFBC in 2015 - Owner/Trainer/Coach

​Since the beginning of TFBC in the Fall of 2015, Coach Ryan has dedicated himself to providing the best coaching by stressing fundamentals is the key to success. By emphasizing hard work, he has instilled in each player that improvement is always possible whether it consists in the game of basketball or off the court. By beginning with a 6th grade basketball team thru the Tukwila Parks and Recreation and continuing beyond the regular season, TFBC was started. Coach Ryan is currently the Head Coach for multiple teams throughout the organization. 
​Ricky Frazier - TFBC Elite Trainier/Coach

​​Jeff Kerns - TFBC Coach
Mark Keeney - TFBC Coach 
Jarek Le'ger - TFBC Coach
Kirk Haywood - TFBC Coach
Sarah Sinnes - TFBC Coach